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Check-in Cards;
made for you

Bente and Edith share a deep-rooted interest in the development of self-awareness and working with inner wisdom. Their mutual fascination for these topics culminates in Check-in Cards

During the past 10 years, they developed and implemented leadership programs and individual coaching increasingly homing in on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of consciousness. increasingly homing in on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels of consciousness.

Interpersonal check-ins

During their spare time, they have devoted countless hours to in-depth courses and online classes, listened to endless podcasts and satsangs. Their newfound wisdom and insight has been shaped by numerous interpersonal check-ins. Gradually they evolved from jobs that felt “convenient” or were “expected” to “that which wants to be lived by us”.

After a deliberate period of contemplation and letting go, their primary objective became clear. The goal was to develop tangible products that make personal transformation easily accessible to anyone.

“Looking back, it’s amazing to see that every decision and step of the way was guiding us towards Check-in Cards”.

It is our mission to inspire people, so that checking in becomes part of your daily routine. That we, so to speak, check in with yourself just as often as we do on social media. The secret of our destinies, happiness and personal growth lies hidden in our daily alignment. With Check-in Cards we can now facilitates this.

With Check-in Cards, Bente and Edith delve deeply into 45 different themes – based not only on their accumulated knowledge and expertise, but on personal experience as well. Each card has been thoroughly tried and tested.

Bente and Edith can be booked for a workshop, lecture, a one day retreat or an individual program.


We are grateful for the following collaborations

Art and design

Anne Olde Kalter – www.anneoldekalter.com

Product photography



Bambi Bogert (Dutch > English)

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